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Crocodile hunting

Tiddler and I peered out the window this morning. Tiddler looked very glum. “It’s rainy Mama. And foggy! Naughty fog!”
“Why is the fog naughty?”
“It’s got crocodiles in it” ( bearing in mind we are in a temperate climate in the British Isles, the likelihood of finding crocodiles wandering around in this particular section of modest back gardens is most definitely on the slim side).
“Has it?”
“Oh yeah, big ones with sharp teeth that go RRRRAAAAHHHH”

And so, given that Digger took an unexpected Saturday away from work, the three of us got down to a frugal morning’s entertainment of crocodile craft. Tiddler, in between wearing a crown on her head and dictating to Digger that he had to wear a pair of fairy wings, set to with the green paint. Thrifter planned and cut up the egg boxes. Digger supervised the teeth and the pond.

2 egg boxes (from our friendly honesty box egg shed down the road)
1 piece green card
green paint/red paint/blue paint
green ribbon,to hinge it all together, salvaged from a chocolate box at Christmas
Black and white card
Googly eyes, again re-purposed from a different craft activity from a playgroup

Cost:  Apart from the glue that had been bought previously, £0 and 0p.

Verdict. I’m not sure who was happier in their work – Tiddler or Digger. Creative play, art therapy, craft, imagination….. and all for free.
Apparently she wants us to make a Tiger tomorrow. I certainly hope I’m not going to bump into one of them prowling across the lawn in the morning.


Waiting for the teeth to dry


Aerial photography of the lake


Get in my belly!


Any suggestions please of other animals (and materials for them)  that would be easy to add to our menagerie?