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Thrifty toddler christmas decorations

Just a short little post to show you a few things that Tiddler has been busy creating over the last weeks in the run up to Christmas. As always, getting the craft things out amounts to an open invitation to smear glue, glitter and paint on anything she can get her hands on. Clearly our crafting is way below the minimum requirement for Pinterest/Good housekeeping magazine standards- we are just having a bit of fun with junk, packaging and the odd sequin or two. She doesn’t mind (or know) what other busy crafters are out there making; we are just having a bit of fun on the cheap. It keeps restless hands busy, active bodies still, and opens up creativity to fire up all those brain pathways as well as plenty of opportunities for improving her dexterity, colour, shape and texture knowledge, and just some downright bonafide christmas hygge Mama and Tiddler time.

Gummi bear advert calendar– we did eventually find a chocolate one in a shop (clearly not a common tradition here in Bulgaria) but Tiddler found this one much easier to cope with as the numbers were in sequence, so it was more useful for practicing our counting too. Tiddler’s real name is at the top, hence why the photos are cropped a little.

Crackers. Also impossible to find in shops here (rural-ish Bulgaria, I’m sure they are available in Sofia), we opted to make ones that can be untied, each with a christmas motto, balloon and sweet inside. We ended up making nine crackers (as Tiddler enjoyed dropping the goodies inside each tube so much), for what we thought would be a four person christmas day dinner. Turns out I grossly underestimated the guest list that I shall be cooking an “Énglish” traditional dinner for, so we don’t have enough crackers at the moment and more will need to be made. More on that bombshell – for a vegetarian who has never even cooked a Sunday roast before – in a later post!)

Decorated Christmas trees – card, sequins, glitter, glue, all little items that came with us all the way from the island in Leo. It it sparkles it must be good.

A special mention for the Christmas card below, not crafted by us, but made and sent to us here by my good friend and fellow blogger over on retired but not retiring. 🙂 Great stuff!
Woodland scene – Our walks in the parks and woods have given us plenty of opportunities to cut boughs of various pines and spruces, and find some amazing fir cones for Rudolph creations (and you know I save and reuse those googly eyes from one animal creation to the next), and our local coffee shop serves up their cakes on little dollies that have become perfect snowflakes.

Nativity – The piece de resistance though has to be the loo roll nativity. Materials: scrap paper, cloth, felt, ribbons, string, pipe cleaners, cotton wool etc.  I’m especially proud of the satsuma net turban!


Over to you to share any of your christmas crafting in the comments?
And in case I don’t get to post up again before the 25th, Happy Christmas and Vesela Koleda / весела коледа from Thrifter, Digger and Tiddler, and thanks for following all our upheavals, travels and general mutterings for this year. Seasons greeting to you all! x