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Banksy on tour? : Bulgaria photos 12

…and continuing with the street art theme in Bulgaria today.


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Cartwheel and corn: Bulgaria photos 8



The wheels are from a karuca (каруца) cart, a horse-pulled low vehicle still used commonly enough in Bulgaria for there to be necessary signs on certain larger roads.

Many karuca are traditionally painted in intricate folk designs. Image below taken from here

The modern karuca lives on in many forms. Image below from Varna, here.


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Beauty by design

The best of skinflintery applied to the art world- making amazing use of natural found objects to painstakingly create these pieces of beauty. And of course, from the philosophical point of view all these (apart from the photographic record) are inherently transient which makes it even more worth stopping to take the time to look. The allure of the natural world is essentially fragile, and we don’t spend enough time looking at it before it is gone.