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The ABC of skinflintery

Inspired by an earlier post,  ‘Teaching the right lessons’ I thought I would sit down and see if such a thing as the ABC of skinflintery can be indeed created. Bearing in mind my apparent fluidity with the English language in that I am quite happy to mess about with suffixes so ‘SkinflintERY’ came into being as part of my vocabulary, I am not sure if this bodes well for the discerning linguists out there. Also rather randomly, I’m started on this task thinking along the lines of ‘Mr Condom’ Mechai himself and his rather unusual ABC of family planning, that did wonders as part of Thailand’s economic and social change. If you haven’t come across this chap before, this clip is definitely worth a gander, if only for the chuckles.
Meanwhile, back on a more prudish train of thought, here goes.

A for Abstinence
B for Budget
C for Carefulness and Common sense
D for Decluttering
E for Economising
F for Frugal
G for Goals
H for Hoarding (in a good way before the minimalists shout me down)
L for Leftovers
M for Miser
N for No, I don’t need it
P for Penny-Pincher Prudence (wowsers, alliteration there folks!)
R for Recycling
S for Skinflintery of course (not Scrooge)
T for Thrift
U for Upcycling
V  for Vouchers
W for Wild food

Hmm, a few gaps. Dear chaps and avid readers- suggestions welcome please to complete this? I’m pretty sure a number of you have a penchant for getting things in order!