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Attempting to thrift our way to a better life, with a toddler in tow!

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Teaching the right lessons

Tiddler is going to be, whether she likes it or not, brought up in a prudently frugal household. We will see what events unfold as she gets older, when the ‘pink for girls’ commercialism is more likely to set in, but in the meantime, when she is blissfully unaware of anything different I can move her smartly away from the sweet and toy aisles with nothing more taxing than ‘we don’t need those today’.  We’ll try and teach her, as best as we can, the ABC of skinflintery- Abstinence, Budget and Carefulness.

However, she has to also learn that while thrift begins at home, charity needs to reach to the community. With that in mind, her lesson for today, a harvest bucket craft (from a recycled yoghurt pot- recycling habits die hard!), which will later be replaced with real goods for the local food bank.
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I think the attached image below from quoteaddicts sums up why this is a worthy post for the Skinflint Philosophy, with its echoes of minimalism, unburdening and altruism.
(Harvest) food for thought indeed.