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Solidarity with Baba Marta


That cantankerous Baba Marta (Bulgarian Grandmother March, see post here for an explanation)  has clearly been appeased with all her martenitsa offerings that she mellowed beautifully in conjunction with International Women’s Day (March 8th) and the UK Mothering Sunday on the 11th. I like to think she felt the vibe.

Gone are the snows and the -15 temperatures of last week, as early Spring has suddenly descended on us in all it’s glory.

Diado has begun his garden regime early, and we are already gaining the first of the salad crops.

Digger and Tiddler set out for a jaunt around the village in her Bulgarian version of a palanquin, waving like royalty to little old grannies sat out on wooden benches, and families eating their lunches under the bare stems of their vines. A flock of sheep wander up past the houses until Tiddler shouts a random string of gibberish with the clear intention of a ‘Tally Ho!’ and they high tail it out into the fields beyond.


Women’s Day is a big thing here in Bulgaria, and is to all intents and purposes a Mother’s Day. People in the street go about their business laden with bouquets, either for the giving, or the getting, depending on the gender.  I’m invited to a presentation at Tiddler’s nursery to receive flower crafts and gifts, and Tiddler even manages to astound us all by getting into an actual dress for the occasion and handing out her yellow paper flowers that we have made in return. The mums and grandmothers all are sporting bright red lipstick and discussing going out for celebratory drinks after work. Clearly, the menfolk of Bulgaria are in charge of childcare tonight.

Digger disappears after breakfast and returns with a wooden flower pot ornament he has made as my token for Mother’s Day. I cynically wonder is this a romantic gesture, or a chance to go and play in the workshop with the power tools, but I love it all the same.
Tiddler’s plucked primroses in a tiny rakia shot glass bring the spring into the apartment with her.
It is the simple things.
I am blessed.


Author: Theskinflintphilosopher

Call me thrifty, prudent, tight or even a miser, but squirreling money away is definitely my thing. The ins and outs of how saving money became a lifestyle, in order to work towards a specific lifestyle change. Follow me on that journey and learn to look at life in a different way.

2 thoughts on “Solidarity with Baba Marta

  1. Happy Women’s day, and Happy Mother’s Day, it all lovely to see women appreciated! The wooden flower is delightful – he obviously made it with you in mind I think I would err on the side of love. Your veg patch looks wonderful – must be wonderful to get your salad straight from the ground!

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    • Thank you 🙂 I was wondering if it was slightly ironic to celebrate female empowerment at the nursery, but then thought no, it is celebrating motherhood and the bond we each have with our child.
      I haven’t posted it up here as it is a full face shot of Tiddler, but the nursery organised a professional photograph of Tiddler in a frame as part of the gift to me, which I think is probably the only professional image we have of her, and she looks so grown up! We didn’t do the whole baby photo shoot/ 1st birthday cake mash shoot thing, as we were saving the money at the time, so it actually makes this more meaningful that this photograph was part of her life experience here, learning her second language.
      Digger says thank you very much for your thoughts on the flower- he is trying out different things at the moment with the intention of trying to sell wooden ornaments and kids toys as an extra source of income later (as we are likely to be heading off back to the UK soon- that is another story and another blog post).
      The veg patch, and the continuing raiding of Diado and Baba’s preserved goodies from the cellar are definitely an incredible bonus. We have saved a lot in our grocery bills, Tiddler thinks it is normal to have salad with every meal, and I have eaten so many tomato chutneys/compotes/preserves that my teeth are hurting- I googled it and tomatoes are the cause apparently!
      I hope you had a good few days too, and were appreciated also 🙂 x

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