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Chicken or egg?

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Tiddler’s thrifty craft today is Easter themed as we are off on an ‘egg hunt’ tomorrow in a beautiful arboretum across on the other side of the island (in a slight depression in the relief so the poor trees are not blasted too badly by the windy conditions of this sometimes fair isle). On offer alongside the egg hunt is a decorate-a-hard-boiled-egg competition, so we felt it was only appropriate that the child of the Skinflint philosopher should pose in her craftiness one of the challenging questions of our time.

Materials- paint, egg box, glue, feathers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, craft foam (cut from the throwaway section that we saved from a kit after we pressed out the set shapes for that craft activity), feathers, stickers, one hard boiled egg, one egg shell, pompoms.
Sounds like a lot of fiddle bits, but they were all bits and pieces we had saved from other craft activities, or upcycled an old craft activity. (I do a good line in pulling googly eyes off old pom pom crafts and animals. I have to do it secretly, once she has gone to bed, which makes me feel all a bit Sweeney Todd)

Photo on 11-04-2017 at 18.33Photo on 11-04-2017 at 18.33 #2

Just need to add a little bit of bird seed in between them in the morning before we go. Fingers crossed for a crafty success, 🙂 though I’m not quite sure why the chick has ended up looking like it is wearing a pith helmet!


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