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One Thrifter’s trash…..

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…is another consumer’s treasure.

Following our decision last week to finally bite the bullet, see post here, I’ve had the glorious serendipity of the start of the Easter holidays, a few days of sunshine, and a pressing need to start to declutter. All of which means I have been on a bit of a spring cleaning/sorting mission, though of course everything takes a lot longer than expected as Tiddler immediately wants to play with whatever I have dug out from under the bed or on top of the wardrobe.
Options for getting our stuff off island are more expensive than we thought, and there is no option for us to go commercially as the vehicle itself will be charged as freight and have to pay minimum of £700 each way on the ferry, regardless of the labour costs on top of that. Digger therefore may have to hire a long base transit and shift things himself, or do a number of trips in his smaller vehicle, plus my car if we decide to take that with us too. It’s a good seven hours driving to get down to my parents house in the Westcountry, plus three hours on the ferry before we even start that. We don’t want to do lots of trips.
Therefore, it is now paramount we streamline our possessions.
We are piling things up in the sheds, with the intention of taking them to a car boot sale this weekend. Bigger items we have started trying to sell online. So far, we have sold the following selection of random things Digger and I collected in our former lives before we met, or things that have come our way more recently. Living in a sort of limbo as we have been, deciding whether to stay or go, only renting, we have chosen not to spend out on furniture and quality items for our home, as we felt it was wrong to ‘invest’ in something only temporary. Therefore our sales are looking fairly eclectic so far, but even so some hold sentimental value. But, if someone is wiling to buy our dubiously described ‘treasure’ I’m not going to look in the proverbial horse’s mouth. By my reckoning so far, the sales, mostly due to the few of Digger’s tools I’ve manage to wrestle out of his paws, we have covered the cost of one return ferry sailing with a car/small van. Not bad going so far, methinks.

So long, farewell,  my junk. I thank you for your part in my journey.


All our junk…..


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Call me thrifty, prudent, tight or even a miser, but squirreling money away is definitely my thing. The ins and outs of how saving money became a lifestyle, in order to work towards a specific lifestyle change. Follow me on that journey and learn to look at life in a different way.

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