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As Tiddler hits the 2.5 year old mark she is developing a much greater ability to work on a project. Her attention span has improved, she understand the notion of an end product, and is quite happy to have my undivided attention, even if it is mostly to ensure I don’t end up with a full-body-glue-paint-sparkly bit-Tiddler-shaped-entity where Tiddler used to be.

Although our project this weekend was supposed to be a tiger, (see here for the explanation and our crocodile),  it somehow metamorphised into an owl.

Left over balloon from a party
Newspaper (free one that is delivered island wide. We don’t purchase newspapers. Radio 4 has got me covered)
Old drawer liner (a bit like sugar paper in texture for a final pale layer)
An old bottle of PVA glue (ideal for this purpose as I wanted to water it down so I could add in the water, shake it and get all the glue out so none wasted)
Marker pen

Cost: nothing new needed other than what we had in the house anyway, though I will have to purchase more glue now for the next project!

photo-on-23-02-2017-at-10-09-2Photo on 23-02-2017 at 10.23.jpgPhoto on 23-02-2017 at 10.52.jpgPhoto on 26-02-2017 at 12.37.jpgPhoto on 03-03-2017 at 19.41.jpg


Why did Tiddler choose an owl to make this time I wondered?  I couldn’t think of a book or a game  that we have been using with any mention of owls. Perhaps she was feeling her inner owl. Take your pick from below of what your inner owl is saying to you right now!



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