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Out with the old

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It has been a non-stop pell mell Christmas for us this year, with hardly a chance to come up for air. We have braved travel during Storm Barbara, socialised with numerous friends and relations, ate far richer food than normal, and only finally touched down and had 24 hours at home on this the very last day of the year to try and get some method back into the madness.

Having spent a week at Thrifter’s parents, we are relishing being back in some sort of order, where clutter is not spiralling out of control and threatening to tsunami down on our heads if you nudge a precariously balanced pile of books, or foolishly think you are safe enough to open a closed cupboard door. Of course, we benefit from the hoarding. We only have to travel with hand luggage, as my mother has plenty of everything we could possibly need but don’t want to bring. Tiddler has been the proverbial ‘kid in the sweet shop’ with the amount of toys and jigsaws that I remember from when I was little and have been kept safe ever since. If ever we need something, Mum no doubt has one we could use, and we would have made far more use of this resource over the years if we were not two kingdoms and a sea away from them. Mum’s storage is of course the ultimate in thrifting by default, by not having to purchase anything ever, but it relies on an immense and seemingly constant managing, redistribution, and excavation of possessions. This is something that can’t be tracked on the household equivalent of the Dewey system. NASA may need to get involved at some stage.

Digger and I purposely decided not to buy each other presents this year, in the midst as we are of trying to reduce our material goods, as jacking in our jobs this summer and going off for a gap year or two is still very much on the cards. In the end, I found a bottle of avocado oil under the spruce tree from him, and he got maple syrup from me. Who says romance is dead? Little consumable luxuries that won’t add to our decision making criteria of Keep, Sell, Donate or Throw, as Eat is fortunately a wholly separate genre. Thoughtful gifts from friends and family mean we are replacing very old with new, but also enjoying a little extravagance with unexpected gifts for us and Tiddler that make us feel blessed with their friendship.

So now that Christmas is past, and new year is upon us, Tiddler has succumbed to the Land of Nod, and Digger is in the kitchen rustling up an avocado oil drizzled salad to go with the bottle of fizz to welcome in the chimes, we shall not be thinking about making New Years resolutions, as our resolution is already firm and steadfast. We want to be the best we can be for Tiddler, and we are already trying to walk that path for her. By the end of 2017, we’ll hopefully know if we are going in the right direction. As for the start of 2017, I doubt if we will make it to midnight. Sleep: a skinflinter’s cheapest form of leisure activity.




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