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Sugar and spice and all things….sticky

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‘Tis the beginning of the season to be Jolly, and even the hardened skinflinter has to open arms somewhat to goodwill, generosity and general goodies. Tiddler has already been inundated with varying levels of E numbers and general stickiness, ranging from the sweets from a Christingle orange (tempered with raisins as a chaser) to an upside down gingerbread man decorated as a Rudolph. (Will the craft fair/WI brigade ever run out of charmingly cutesy ideas?)  Digger on the other hand is feeling a little deprived without a chocolate advent calendar this year, but is bearing up well by resorting to sneaking Jelly Beans when the packet is left unattended.

IMG_2668 (1).jpg

Savvy xmas skinflintery so far:

DIY advent for Tiddler, with little goodies inside- crayons, stickers, toys – most of which were duplicate things we have accumulated over the year from party bags and such like, and therefore put to one side at the time.  She thinks that the little wooden bottle she has spotted in number 9 is housing a genie so we are getting ready for some fun with that one!
Cost: £0 for the goodies, and £0 for the fabric calendar which was a hand-me-down gift.


Advent candle. In theory Thrifter did go into town with money to buy one this year, but got sidelined having her eyes tested (free on the NHS hurrah) and forgot about the candle, by which time December 1st was on the doorstep already. Digger says it was a waste last year anyway as Thrifter had bought a triangular shaped one which, getting wider at the bottom as triangles have a habit of doing, refused to burn down properly each day and resulted in Digger getting himself in a complicated daily stand-off with it, large carving knife in hand ready to chop at the offending areas of wax. So this year, ‘reuse’ is our key word by ‘recycling’ random birthday candles into a admittedly more-shabby-than-chic advent candle plate. I can’t claim to be too proud of this one, and am rather embarrassed to photograph it for here, but Tiddler gets the concept or burning one down each day before she gets to open her advent calendar pocket, so I guess it works.
Cost: £? minimal for the original candles, greenery from Digger.


Wreath, made from more greenery brought home from Digger, a couple of old ribbons from chocolate boxes and based around a circular piece of a broken mobile that used to belong to Tiddler. She had fun winding the ribbons in and out.
Cost: £0

Photo on 04-12-2016 at 14.47.jpg

The start of the hand-made gifts: buttons, beads, ribbons, old maps…. all found kicking around the house. Only purchase was the stretchy hairband.
Cost: by my mathematical reckoning, £1.20 divided by 40 hairbands = 3p

Photo on 04-12-2016 at 14.48.jpg

Christmas debt shouldn’t follow you from one year and haunt you through the next. Your friends and families will remember the TIME you spend with them, not the money.

Any further ideas please of Christmas skinflintery- please comment?

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Call me thrifty, prudent, tight or even a miser, but squirreling money away is definitely my thing. The ins and outs of how saving money became a lifestyle, in order to work towards a specific lifestyle change. Follow me on that journey and learn to look at life in a different way.

One thought on “Sugar and spice and all things….sticky

  1. Superfrabjous seasonal thriftiness! I did my usual recycling old ornaments and making evergreen arrangements ( all cuttings from my garden) using old baskets but also made one from a box. Recycled florists’ oasis and wire and ribbons etc. Can’t show you as my phone has decided it will keep all photos and not allow anyone else to see them. Boo! Will need to get that fixed somehow.. xx


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