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53 quid! Has it got gold thread?

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Digger has been gifted three jumpers today (sweaters I think, for the American audience) from one of his customers who no longer needs them. They are, to put it plainly, something that Ray Mears would happily sport on his jaunts around the countryside without fear of jeopardising his survival credentials. High fashion no, but eminently practical for the Man (or Digger) about town in this neck of the woods, to mix my metaphors. They are green, they have suede shoulder and elbow pads, they have a waterproof (but breathable) lining.  Fundamentally, if someone has doodled on their design pad in answer to ‘what does Digger want to wear for work in the winter?’ they couldn’t have hit that brief any better.
Two are barely worn, but one is brand new with the label and price tag intact, prompting the phrase that makes the title of this blog. Clearly Rumplestiltskin had no part to play in the weaving of these garments, as no golden thread in sight, but suffice to say, the idea of spending £53 on a jumper strikes both of us a little bit excessive, so Digger is happy to supplement his winter wardrobe with a technologically sound freebie.
And so I think to myself first with a chuckle, of Mark Twain considering how to spare the blushes of his neighbours , in that ‘Clothes make the man. Naked people have little or no influence on society’.
But then I also think of the following quote, with more of a truth in it, that it should not be about what we look like, or our Emperor’s new clothes, but what we do and how we act, that should and will be the reality of how we are remembered.



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One thought on “53 quid! Has it got gold thread?

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