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When is enough enough?

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Tiddler and I spent the afternoon in the garden (now cleansed of the evidence of the visits from our four-legged neighbours) and I found myself telling Tiddler ‘enough is enough!’. Tiddler as always was very keen to feed the birds, but rather than just filling up the bird feeder and sprinkle a few seeds on the lawn as normal, she went back again and again to the shed, filled her jug, and dumped it over the garden, multiple times. There are going to be a few portly sparrows in our locality I can tell you that much for sure, and not sure I want to be responsible for seed overdose affecting our songbirds ability to fly.

Of course explaining to Tiddler that too much seed is not good for the birds, and that it will go to waste, all fell on her toddler ears of incomprehension- she desires to feed the birds some more, she likes the sensation of the tiny seeds running through her fingers and so that is what she will do.
It made me consider that we all think we hear good advice, and have common sense to act upon it, only to fail in practical terms as we lose our direction, or get overwhelmed with choices or decisions from external influences. This picture quote came back to me, from ‘Theartofobersavation’, and I think encapsulates the futility of me telling Tiddler to stop with her one toddler mission to change the lawn into a giant granola bar.
We need to discover when enough is enough for ourselves.



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