the skinflint philosopher

Thrifting our way (temporarily in Bulgaria) to a better life

When the world doesn’t just revolve around you any more.

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Introducing you to Tiddler.
Tiddler not yet old enough to realise she is wearing her cousin’s hand me down dress and socks, and her male cousin’s hand me down fleece. Her hat given as a gift from Aunty Rae Rae. Which means only cost was the shoes, and that was due to the guilt trip in Clarks when she screamed so much when they got out the medieval torture device (aka foot measurer) I felt compelled to buy. (Good shoe leather though as Granny would say, and please note they are boys shoes just in case another currently gender unknown child comes along)

Is Tiddler enjoying the beach? Too right! Welcome to the world of the Skinflint philosopher.


Tiddler in action


Author: Theskinflintphilosopher

Call me thrifty, prudent, tight or even a miser, but squirreling money away is definitely my thing. The ins and outs of how saving money became a lifestyle, in order to work towards a specific lifestyle change. Follow me on that journey and learn to look at life in a different way.

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