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Behind the scenes of Project 333

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“Project 333”. Sounds slightly reminiscent of some American secret alien landing site, and truly the concept must be alien indeed to the many shopaholics in this material world. Historical records reveal that the importance of clothing and style is not a modern phenomenon, even when the logic seems baffling in hindsight. French courts wearing wigs layered with decaying animal fats? Mercury treatments for the skin? Whalebone corsets? 80’s shoulder pads? The shellsuit?
Nowadays our work, social lives and leisure activities increasingly see an expectation to consume in terms of clothing and accessories, even when we think we are non conformists. The Mods, the punks, the goths, the hippies; whichever ‘alternative’ group you can think of shows a hidden consumerism driven by the chosen style. So Project 333 does give you the chance to step back from that, reassess how you want your book to be judged, and also gain from reducing that pressure on your time and wardrobe space. It ain’t all Narnia folks.
The Skinflint philosopher would like to know though about the leftovers and rejects of the 33. The extras. Where do they go? Are they boxed away for three months, and then swapped over? Do devotees purchase new items to fulfil their next 33 three month quota? Is consumerism just put on standby?
Assessing my wardrobe, there are more that 33 items there, though I know I do wear a small percentage only on a regular basis. Designated work clothes, designated other clothes. But adding up the value is of more interest to skinflintery- how many were given as gifts, or came secondhand? How many years have some been lovingly worn, and still are going strong? Is it that I don’t follow fashion and so have given up trying, or is it simply not a priority?
It makes me think of the proverb, “I cried because I didn’t have any shoes, and then I met a girl who didn’t have any feet”. By all means to the fashionistas of the world, enjoy your style, you rock it! To the 333ers, the ease of a capsule wardrobes seems beautifully minimalistic.
For me I’ll stick with what I’ve got, a basic case of ‘I’ll buy it if and when I really need it’. Either that, or get naked.


Author: Theskinflintphilosopher

Call me thrifty, prudent, tight or even a miser, but squirreling money away is definitely my thing. The ins and outs of how saving money became a lifestyle, in order to work towards a specific lifestyle change. Follow me on that journey and learn to look at life in a different way.

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